Restaurant Reservation Template – Are you a restaurant owner? And if that is the case, there might be a time where you have to reserve your seat to the customer who orders a seat in your restaurant in advance. And to make everything tidy and organized, you will need a device that could help you manage all of the appointment or reservation. That is why many restaurants use the restaurant reservation template that could be made through Microsoft excels. And this restaurant reservation excels template is particularly useful for restaurant who based their reservations through hours. Other than that, restaurant reservation will also enhance the overall service quality of your restaurants.

Restaurant Reservation Excel Template

Obviously the term of restaurant reservation means that you can make a reservation or appointment for a restaurant table. The idea of restaurant reservation is to be able to reserve a table in case the restaurant is full. Despite not all restaurant requires reservation, it is particularly true for a more exclusive and fine dining restaurant. Restaurant reservation also allow restaurant to open a first come first serve policy which means that the first to reserve a table will get the faster and sooner service from the restaurant. Restaurant reservation are highly common nowadays with fine dining restaurant is growing significantly everywhere.

Using Restaurant Reservation Template for Excel

Using the excels template for restaurant reservation is quite easy and simple. First you need to fill out the reference start date and time including the display date and time step. After that, divide the category of table and their amount of table in the table type and capacity columns. Next, all you need to do is to fill in the reservation into the various columns of time according to the time. The entire blue column equals availability, red equals that it has already been reserved and yellow means that it has double reservation.

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