Roommate Budget Calculator – Sharing is something good. But sharing without some rules will end up with some chaotic situations. To shrink the expenses, some people might decide to share a place. Some workers might decide to rent a place for some of them. By doing this, they will be able to shrink all necessary expenses. It is good, but they will need the rules for each of them. They should pay the bills equally. To make sure that it will be fair enough, they will need the roommate budget template. It is a template that will show all expenses for people who shares the room.

Roommate Budget Excel Template

This roommate budget template contains some important information about the expenses that they have to spend every month. It will explain the details of the monthly expenses such as the rent charge, the gas, electricity and other collective expenses. To avoid some misunderstanding, the whole charges will be split into some individual expenses.

In this roommate budget template, they can see the expenses that have been made by everyone. So, they will not have to pay the bills equally, but they will have to pay for themselves. If they used gas more than others, they will have to spend more money for the gas. With all expenses recorded, they can see whether their budget can cover all agreed expenses or not  The details will be stated in the budget perfectly to avoid any disputes among them that should arise at the end of each month, especially if you are not well-organized in budget calculation. This template is fully editable. Open it using Microsoft Excel, then add or remove item inside the table and you can start filling it with your expenses.

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