Potluck Sign Up Sheet Template

Exceltemplates.org – Planning to hold a potluck event, you better prepare things properly so it will be a success one. In such case, this Potluck Sign Up Sheet template may be useful for you. This template is made to help you to organize the potluck event’s meals to bring. You can use this template to make a listing of what someone should bring to the event. It will act as a reminder as well as organizer of the foods that should be taken. That way, there will be no need to worry about someone bringing the wrong foods.

Potluck Sign Up Sheet Excel Template

When you take a look at the template, you will find that it is quite simple. You can personalize it to suit your own event. To start using it, you can write its potluck event name and other data, including day/date, event, host and location. Below that, you will find two columns, on which you will organize the sign up of the potluck. The left column is the “Name” column where you input the participant name, while on the right side, there is “What to Bring” column to write down what food the particular person should bring. You will be glad that you get to make one of this for your potluck. A successful event is most likely.

How to Use Potluck Sign Up Sheet Template

1. You start the sign up of your potluck by filling in need information. Get done with that you can move to the organization of the foods to bring.
2. Simply put the name of the participant that will be there in the event in the “Name” column.
3. After that, write down what each person should bring to the even in the “What to Bring” column.
4. Lastly, you can make several print-out of this and give one to each participant. This way it will be more effective as reminder for them.

You can download the free copy of the excel template below.

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