Car Rental Booking Template – Managing car rental reservation will be easier with the help of a special sheet of car rental. There are two main sheets that can be used in running the business of car rental reservation. The first sheet will be about the availability of rented cars while the other one is about the detail information on the customers who rent the cars. The two main sheets of car reservation will be great to be used every day in order to keep the reservations tidy and well organized and eventually bring the customers’ satisfaction. There is nothing better than customers who will show a huge smile after the service.

Car Rental Reservation Excel Template

Purposes of the Car Rental Booking Template

In the first car rental reservation sheet, there will be columns that are arranged per hour from the hour the rental starts working every day to midnight. The sheet will usually working with three color codes with every color represents cars available or not available and represents double reservation. Meanwhile the other sheet is used as the collection of customers’ data from the ID being used, the time when the car will be needed, the duration of cars rented, the specific cars as well as the information of hiring a driver or not.

How to Use Car Rental Booking Template

In using the sheet of cars availability:
– Fill the details of the car including the car brands and series and the official number or the cars.
– In the next table, fill the columns of hours when cars are needed with the specific color codes so when the cars are needed, the cars can be dispatched immediately.

In using the sheet of customers’ information:
– Put the customers’ names in customer column and the fill the phone number in the next column of phone.
– Put the address and ID used in the columns of address and ID.
– Put the details of rental duration in the columns of start date and end date.
– Put the brands and numbers of cars in the columns of car brand and car number.
– If customers hire driver, put it in the column of notes.