Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy Calendar – Pregnancy is approximately 9-month journey into motherhood. During the journey, mother commonly has so many important things to do and to review. Pregnancy calendar is made to help mother find out and mark important dates on pregnancy, make notes, make plan, calculate weeks and phases, and overview the pregnancy so far.

Mostly, this calendar is very useful in giving you information about the previous doctor visit and reminding you about the next visit you should have. Commonly, pregnant mom is suggested to visit doctor once a month until the pregnancy reach 7month old. Once the pregnancy enter the 8th month, doctor visit become more often. You can plan it based on your doctor suggestion.

This calendar is also useful to plan your activities during pregnancy such as the day for shopping baby needs and weekly activities before the expected delivery time. For working mom, this calendar could help you plan when to take day off. If you have issue with the pregnancy, this calendar allows you to mark important dates when something happen in order to monitor your baby condition day by day.

This calendar may useful for woman who plans to have a baby. This calendar will help you plan pregnant period and calculate the baby birth.

This calendar is two-year calendar, each year on one worksheet. You may only need one worksheet if your pregnancy starts at beginning of the year, but if the pregnancy starts in the middle of the year, you will need two-year calendar to monitor 9-month pregnancy period.

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To start work on the calendar, you need to fill some information and do several steps later.

  1. Select the first worksheets of 1st calendar
  2. Fill V5 cell with information of the beginning date of your last menstrual cycle, make it complete date month and year so the calendar will change into the actual year.
  3. Fill V6 cell with information of your menstrual cycle length
  4. Fill V7 cell with information of your luteal phase period length. If you do not know, the cell is already filled with “14 days” as the common luteal phase period of women.
  5. Select your preference of the starting day of the week by choosing one of the days from Sunday-Monday on K2 cell drop down menu.

Once you complete the information, the calendar will change into the actual year of your last menstrual cycle and some colored marks will appear. Red mark will show your last menstrual cycle, first green mark is the prediction of your conception date, the last green is predicted date of delivery, and pink markers will show weekly reference.

In the right and left side, you will see black notes with two columns without border to mark important dates. The left columns (B cells and V cells) are to be filled with date while the next columns (C cells and W cells) are to be filled with the note for the date. After you type the date, blue mark will appear on the specified date of the calendar.

You can have this calendar on your gadget such tablet or you can print it and write additional note manually.

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This calendar is meant for reference only and you need to refer to your doctor for accurate data and information.