Hotel Reservation Template

For a corporation or personal businessman run a hotel as a business, they will need hotel reservation manager. This tool is available for the people who manage the hotel that has the room not more than a hundred rooms. This template is available for Microsoft Excel. The user can manage the reservation of the hotel easily by using this program. This program is not only simple, but it is also completed with the automatic Excel formula that should help you using it without any difficulties. It can help the user when the user is checking the availability of the room, and tying the information of the guests with no difficulty at all.

This template is not only can be used for hotel reservation but it is also can be used in room related business like apartment or house rental. For user who has more knowledge in Microsoft Excel, the user can make the customization in the template and deal with the requirement of the business. More than that, the user can add more worksheets in the template to support the reports that is related to the guest and the reservation. This template is designed without any macro functions. It makes the user is able to switch the spreadsheet between different operating system (Windows/Mac) and Excel version.

Hotel Reservation Template - Excel

It can facilitate the clerk of hotel front office to handle all the information room, hotel guests and visitors, and make regular reports as required. Furthermore, it can save time and effort that can encourage the service to the guests and visitors become more maximal. This system is also facilitating business or the manager of the hotel in evaluating the progress of the reception or reservation.

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This hotel reservation template for excel is a very basic version where you can customize to meet your own requirement. It requires Excel knowledge, though. But, you can learn all Excel function and formulas to built this spreadsheet.

How to Use and Modify

There are two worksheets, Calendar and Year schedule worksheets. You will work on Year Schedule worksheet to organize your bookings. It contains dates for year 2019, sorting down and Room Number in columns at the right side of the dates. You can add as many rooms as you want. To make the formula attached, you need to copy existing columns and paste them as insertion inside current table. Type “1” in all cells (you can see in the sample) to mark those rooms as available. You can type and text or leave them blank when particular rooms are reserved. You can change these dates to future dates or extend them to cover more months. Remember to modify the calendar to other year as well.

In Calendar worksheet, you can see room booking calendar with color markers. They are based on remaining number of rooms that you specify in boxes at the bottom of the calendar. Boxes with red, orange, yellow and green colors. Change the number with your own numbers and color markers will be adjusted accordingly. The calendar being used here is not a dynamic calendar. You need to update them to other year for future purposes.

This spreadsheet is fully editable. You can learn all formulas, modify its layout or use it as your reference to create your own spreadsheet.

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