Hotel Reservation Template

For a corporation or personal businessman run a hotel as a business, they will need hotel reservation manager. This tool is available for the people who manage the hotel that has the room not more than a hundred rooms. This template is available for Microsoft Excel. The user can manage the reservation of the hotel easily by using this program. This program is not only simple, but it is also completed with the automatic Excel formula that should help you using it without any difficulties. It can help the user when the user is checking the availability of the room, and tying the information of the guests with no difficulty at all. This template is not only can be used for hotel reservation but it is also can be used in room related business like apartment or house rental. For user who has more knowledge in Microsoft Excel, the user can make the customization in the template and deal with the requirement of the business. More than that, the user can add more worksheets in the template to support the reports that is related to the guest and the reservation. This template is designed without any macro functions. It makes the user is able to switch the spreadsheet between different operating system (Windows/Mac) and Excel version.

Hotel Reservation Template for Excel
Hotel Reservation Template for Excel

It can facilitate the clerk of hotel front office to handle all the information room, hotel guests and visitors, and make regular reports as required. It can save time and effort that can encourage the service to the guests and visitors become more maximal. This system is also facilitating business or the manager of the hotel in evaluating the progress of the reception or reservation.

This hotel reservation template for excel offered many great features. One of them is the marking date colors for the period in low and peak season. Also, the user can set the information about the price of the room in certain dates and quickly see it in specific dates while handling booking inquiries. Moreover, the template is completed with the variation of colors. The users can custom the available color. For example the red color means that there is no room at all, the yellow color shows that there is only one room existed. The light green color means that there is 2 or some number that is specified as well. And the last color is green color. The green color means there are several available rooms. The other feature is the panel table to know the summary availability of the room. This feature becomes the major worksheet in making the reservation. It also exist the calendar with the linear colorful style. Not only that, the feature is also completed with the marker on the guest name and the availability calendar and the summary of the guest checking.

This hotel reservation template you download below is the free version. You can only manage until 10 rooms in this version and most of worksheets are protected. If you feel this template is fit with your needs, you can purchase the Pro version that will give you all customization flexibility.